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Moths in the Philippines

Moths, The Unsung Pollinators!

Moths are a group of insects related to butterflies belonging to the order Lepidoptera.  Moths take over the night shift for pollination.  They are important to the life cycle of a number of plants. In fact, certain plants rely solely on specific moths for natural pollination.  Aside from being vital pollinators, moths are indicators of a healthy environment and play vital roles in the ecosystem.  


The patchwork of isolated islands,  tropical location, and the once extensive areas of rainforest have resulted in high moth species diversity and a very high level of endemism in the Philippines. 


Though moth species abound, the web offers very limited resources on Philippine moths.  We aim to close the gap on this and make photos and facts about moths in the Philippines available through this site.



Dr. R.C.Kendrick - founder of the Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium

Digital Moths of Asia

The Moths of Borneo


The Sphingidae of Southeast-Asia


The collection is on a free web hosting site and does not support SEARCH, FILTER, SORTING and STATISTICS.

Moths in the Philippines

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